What is ContentBox?

ContentBox is a professional open source modular content management engine that allows you to easily build websites, blogs, wikis, complex web applications and even power mobile or cloud applications.  Built with a secure and flexible modular core, designed to scale, and combined with world-class support, ContentBox will get your projects out the door in no time.


Solid Foundation Built To Scale

ContentBox is built with a solid professional open source MVC framework foundation; The ColdBox Platform, which has been powering web applications since 2005 and used by thousands of developers worldwide.  Used by clients like NASA JPL, ESRI, Adobe TV, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Equator Financial, FAA, GE, and much more, The ColdBox Platform has become the Object Oriented application framework of choice for premier ColdFusion developers around the world.  Combined with its full-stack of features, java and hibernate integration, professional support, architecture and design services, ColdBox is the framework of choice for ColdFusion web development.

Under the hood ContentBox is powered by a Java based CFML engine and libraries like OWASP AntiSamy, EHCache, and Hibernate, the de-facto standard object relational mapper.  ContentBox can be deployed in almost any J2EE container and our entire infrastructure is built with scalability, clustering and cloud deployment in mind. 

Modularity is Key!

ContentBox is not a traditional and monolithic CMS, blog or wiki application, but a combination of software modules that will provide you with CMS, blog and wiki capabilities.  ContentBox can also enhance any ColdBox application with content capabilities without affecting the parent application. You can also use ContentBox as a content value store and serve content via its RESTFul API.  No longer be restricted by a monolithic application's extension points, but extend and scale modularly.  


Community Connected

ContentBox is connected out of the box to our open source software community; ForgeBox (www.coldbox.org/forgebox) from where it can auto-update itself or install any community contribution. Any developer world-wide can contribute and register their plugins, themes, widgets, modules, interceptors, etc in ForgeBox and every ContentBox installation will have access to their contributions in real time. Collaborate and extend in the cloud!

Professional Open Source

ContentBox is a professional open source project backed by Ortus Solutions, the creators of the ColdBox Platform.  Integrate with confidence, knowing that you have a commercial entity that can back you up when you need it the most.  ContentBox is licensed under the Apache 2 license, one of the most flexible and company friendly licenses in the world.