Isn't it time to release your content from its box?

Join the ContentBox content revolution! Free your content from the tyranny of monolithic CMS systems!

Totally Modular application for rapid development and sanity!

Free yourself from frustrating ginormous apps that don't let you do what you want!

We're Open Source for all the right reasons

Open Source software evolves faster to keep up with a changing Internet, has faster release timelines and brings innovative software to the masses.

A powerful modular content management engine

Modular Extendable customization

The ContentBox core is totally modular, meaning your application is not bogged down with monolithic functionality you don't need. Add what you want from a multitude of components available at ForgeBox, or write your own.  ContentBox can also enhance ANY ColdBox application with content capabilities.

You can even use ContentBox as a content value store and serve content via its internal API or a RESTFul API.  Extend your CMS or your application with ease!

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Websites Content management

Need a content management system that doesn't overtake your entire application? Let ContentBox handle all of the work so you can concentrate on creating and styling your content!

Create hierarchical pages and let ContentBox auto-generate menu navigation, breadcrumbs, and links for you.  Create content using your choice of text editors including CKEditor, EditArea or your own.

Use ContentBox as a content key-value store and serve pages via our awesome API or RESTFul end points.

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Solid Foundation Built to scale

ContentBox is built with a solid open source MVC framework: The ColdBox Platform, which has been powering web applications since 2005 and used by thousands of developers worldwide.  Used by clients like NASA, ESRI, Adobe, IDG, US Air Force, FAA and many more.

Under the hood ContentBox is powered by a Java based CFML engine and libraries like OWASP AntiSamy, EHCache and Hibernate.  ContentBox can be deployed in almost any J2EE container and our entire core is built with scalability, clustering and cloud deployment in mind.

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Blogs Setup is a snap

Get your blog up and running quickly with our intuitive admin panel.

Configure it any way you want: select layout options, allow comments, set moderation rules, use captchas, create a publishing workflow and more.

Import functions can even bring your existing blog into ContentBox with just a few clicks.

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Connected Say what?

ContentBox is connected out of the box to our open source software community: ForgeBox. From there it can auto-update itself or install any community contribution including plugins, themes, widgets, modules, interceptors, etc. Collaborate with other open source developers world-wide and extend!

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Open Source Power to the people!

ContentBox is a professional open source project with a team of dedicated individuals committed to its continued development. You will not be on your own if you need help - we offer free community-driven support, plus a full stack of services including professional support, training, architecture and consulting.

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